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Kawainui levee does its job in protecting Kailua town

Over the night of July 19, 2014 a large storm sat over the Ko’olau mountains and rained down something like 14″ of rain. Kawainui marsh, mauka of the levee, went up in elevation from 4.2 feet to 6.4 feet overnight. It is now draining back down to pre-storm levels, but may take a while. We thank the State Division of Forestry and Wildlife for maintaining the levee with their limited resources. The residents should be happy that the deluge did not sweep over the levee and flood Coconut Grove like it did on New Year’s Eve 1988. A graphic from the USGS shows the sudden increase in the level of Kawainui Marsh.

The gauge at the levee by Kawainui Marsh clearly shows the heavy rain event.

The gauge at the levee by Kawainui Marsh clearly shows the heavy rain event.


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Help Malama Na Pohaku o Hauwahine, Sat. July 20, 2013

Please join with us on Saturday July 20th from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm to malama Na Pohaku o Hauwahine located along Kapa’a Quarry Rd. in Kawainui Marsh, Kailua. Our restoration efforts at this site are to remove alien plants and replant with endemic natives. We are also maintaining a native wetland bird habitat in the marsh where we remove alien weeds. We will be primarily concerned with weeding and cleaning up areas during this dry month. If you love native plants, this is the place to volunteer. Wear work clothes, shoes, (no slippers!) bring your gloves, weeding or cutting tool, water and snack. Contact Kaimi Scudder at 263-8008 or email: email @ if you’re coming, and for more information. Also, see Ahahui Malama I ka Lokahi’s website at:

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Geology of Kailua Ahupua‘a Tour Sat. Oct. 2

Sign up with Ahahui now so you can go on the popular Geology of Kailua Ahupua‘a tour to take place on Saturday, Oct. 2rd. Dr. Floyd McCoy of Windard Community College will lead the geology tour (via car-pooling) to different sites around Kailua including Ameron’s quarry and Kawainui Marsh. The tour will start at 8:30 am. A donation of $10.00 is requested at time of sign-in on the 2nd. Contact Kaimi Scudder to make reservations asap and receive further information at 263-8008, or email Check this blog for updates.

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Public Lecture: “Glimpses of Primeval Kailua,” by Dr. John Culliney April 2, 2010

Title: “Glimpses of Primeval Kailua: Landscapes, Plants and Wildlife Before Humans Arrived.”

Dr. John Culliney, professor of biology at Hawaii Pacific University and contributing author of the natural history of Kawainui in the recent published book Kailua will give a lecture presentation “Glimpses of Primeval Kailua: Landscapes, Plants, and Wildlife Before Humans Arrived”, on Friday April 2nd from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Faith Baptist Church on 1230 Kailua Rd. next to the Windward YMCA.

The next day Saturday April 3rd from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Rick Barboza co-owner of the native plant nursery Hui Ku Maoli Ola, will conduct a tour of the botanical plant restoration sites in Kawainui Marsh.  Site visits will be at Ulupo Heiau, Na Pohaku o Hauwahine, Kawainui Park and ending at the Hui Ku Maoli Ola nursery in Haiku Valley.

The botanical lecture and tour are sponsored by Ahahui Malama I ka Lokahi and the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club.  A donation fee of $10 for the tour is requested.  Tour reservations will be limited to 30 persons. Please call Ahahui Malama I ka Lokahi at 263-8008 or send an email to <> to attend the lecture and to sign up for the plant tour.

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For Immediate Release                                                Contact: Chuck “Doc” Burrows

Event is October 24, 2009                                                            Mobile: 372-7594

Email: <>


One of Over 2,000 Simultaneous Events in Over 150 Countries

Kawainui Marsh at Na Pohaku o Hauwahine in Kailua, Oahu: October 24th— 75-100 students from Kailua and Oahu will gather in Kawainui Marsh to form the number “350” as part of the largest day ever of climate change activism. People joining from more than 2,000 communities in over 150 countries are part of a global day of action coordinated by to urge world leaders to take bold and immediate steps to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

“These young students will encounter the effects of global warming in the town of Kailua and Kawainui Marsh within their lifetime if we don’t take real action to reduce our carbon footprints before the problem becomes worse here in Hawaii and globally,” said Chuck “Doc” Burrows, board member of Hawaii Interfaith Power and Light and president of Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi.

Around the world on 24th October 2009—from capitol cities to the melting slopes of Mount Everest, even underwater on dying coral reefs—people will hold rallies aimed at focusing attention on the number 350 because scientists have insisted in recent years that 350 parts per million is the most carbon dioxide we can safely have in the atmosphere. The current CO2 concentration is 390 parts per million.

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Sponsored by ‘Ahahui Malama I ka Lokahi,  Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club and Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation

The educational tours of the Kailua Ahupua‘a and Kawainui Marsh are offered to inform residents and visitors about the Hawaiian archaeological, historic and ecological resources of the marsh.

The tour groups meet at Ulupo Heiau next to the Windward Kailua YMCA at 8:30 am and walk, as well as car pool, to the various sites. Return trip is usually back to the Windward YMCA by 1:00 pm. A donation of $5.00 for non-members and $3.00 for members will be accepted for the tour. Donations are used to support the cultural and ecological restoration work of Kawainui Marsh. Group size will be limited to 25 persons.


1. Sat. Feb. 2 –  Ramsar World Wetlands Day – Kawainui/Hamakua Marsh
2. Sat. Mar. 1 –  Native Plant Revegetation Projects in Kawainui Marsh
3. Sat. May  3 –  Archaeological sites and historic sites of Maunawili Valley
.   4. Sat. June 7 –  Kailua Bay – Geological and Marine Resources
5. Sat. June 21 – Ulupo Heiau Hoike
6. Sat. t.b.d.          Aquatic Animals & Insects of Kawainui streams & Marsh
7. Sat. Aug. 10 or 24 – KHCC Poi and Papale
8. Sat. Sept. 6 – Cultural and Natural History Tour of Kawainui Marsh
9. Sat. Oct.  4  – Geology of the Kailua Ahupua‘a
10. Sat. Nov. 1 –  Archaeological  & Historic Sites of Kawainui/Hamakua
11. Sat. Dec. 6 –  Birds of the Marsh (Kawainui, Hamakua & Kaelepulu)

(Dates or tours may be subject to change depending on weather or other circumstances.  Check for updates at:

WHAT TO BRING:  Backpack or Fanny-pack, walking shoes, water bottle, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, rainwear, hat or cap, sunglasses. Optional: camera and binoculars.

CONTACT INFO: Call 593-0112 for more information and to register for these educational tours, or email: or

(There are also service-learning trips for elementary through college age students to our project sites around Kawainui Marsh. Contact us for more information.)
(Revised 3/25/08)

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Sign up for Natural and cultural history tour of Kawai Nui Marsh

Ahahui Malama i ka Lokahi, the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club and The Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation will begin their Fall Kawai Nui Marsh Educational Series, Saturday Sept. 1, 2007 with an introductory natural and cultural history tour of Kawai Nui Marsh. Chuck “Doc” Burrows, Hawaiian naturalist and conservationist, will lead participants on a driving/walking tour from Ulupo Heiau to Na Pohaku o Hauwahine, the Kawai Nui Estuary at the Kawai Nui Neighborhood Park and A’ala (Lanikai) Point, places where active restoration and maintenance are taking place. He will explain how these sites were used in ancient and historic periods and present plans by community organizations, state and federal agencies to restore the health of the natural and cultural ecosystems of the marsh and the Kailua Ahupua’a. New residents to Kailua are especially encouraged to come. The tour will start at 8:30 am and be completed by 12:30 pm. A donation of $5 is requested. Contact Rick “Kaimi” Scudder at 593-0112 or email Malia Bird Helela <> for more information and registration for this tour.

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Kailua Bay Geology and Marine Resources Tour


Aloha kakou,

A Kailua Bay Geology and Marine Resources Tour will be conducted on Saturday May 5, 2007 from 8:30am to 12:30 pm. Significant topics on the geology of Kailua Bay and the offshore islands, the dynamics and history of rising sea levels and beach erosion, marine fishery conservation and Hawaiian mo’olelo will be shared. Tour contributors will be Chip Fletcher, UH Geophysics professor, Floyd McCoy, UH Windward Community College professor, Todd Hendricks, Kailua High School Marine Science Teacher and Chuck “Doc” Burrows, Hawaiian Naturalist. The tour will begin at Lanikai Point and end at the Oneawa Canal outlet in Kailua Bay. Co-sponsors for this tour are Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi, the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club and the Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation. A donation of $5 per person is requested. Register for the tour at Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi, 593-0112 and/or email Malia Helela at<>

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